Yohan Hyunsung Yi

iOS Developer & Data Analyst

I got excited about data analysis and iOS applications.
I have 4 years of experience in data analysis with VBA, R, and SQL.
Also, I have a year of experience in iOS applications with Swift and Realm.




I am an iOS Developer with a history of contributing to open source development projects and who enjoys solving difficult problems. I apply my past experiences in researching and analyzing merchandise towards implementing best practices for iOS development.


Associate Manager - Merchandise Data Analyst

  • Moon River Clothing Inc    |     September 2016 - March 2018

• Participated in a project to support the new introduction of the ERP system and successfully exchanged ERP system by migrating the DBMS (MySQL to MS SQL) 

• Participated in the project to introduce in-house online merchandising system and successfully launched it while coordinating the Category Report, Top Customer Report, Merchandise Planning Report, Sales Report, Bestseller Report and DB relation 

• Led four team members as an associate manager and solved problems by collaborating with team members

Associate Merchandise Analyst

  • Moon River Clothing Inc    |     September 2014 - September 2016

• As a merchandising analyst, dealt with numerous researchs and data analysis of the market.

• Through analyzing data of minimum of a year and up to three years, picked up the trends and contributed to company’s sales and production

• During preseason, prepared Category Report, Top Customer Report, Merchandise Planning Assist

• In season, prepared Sales report, Bestseller Tacking, Allocation

Co-Founder & Business Analyst

• Analyzed plans, developed strategies of marketing and sales, obtained orders, and followed up on work results

• Dealt with the whole process of sales from submitting orders by referring to price list and product details to keeping management informed with activities reports


iOS Developer Nanodegree Program

  • Udacity    |     2017 - 2017     |     Certificate

Developed expertise in Swift and iOS Development through the building of portfolio-worthy iOS apps that place particular emphasis on UX, MVC, REST API Networking, and Data Persistence.

- Implemented the multi-language support features of Apple's SDK to improve international app accessibility
- Push notification implementation through Apple Developer portal
- JSON to Dictionary conversion, storage, and retrieval
- Firebase and custom login verification and storage
- Parsed JSON of two different APIs

Data Science

  • Coursera + Johns Hopkins Univercity    |     2016 - 2016

- The Data Scientist’s Toolbox   Certificate
- R Programming   Certificate
- Getting and Cleaning Data   Certificate
- Exploratory Data Analysis   Certificate
- Reproducible Research   Certificate
- Statistical Inference   Certificate
- Regression Models   Certificate
- Practical Machine Learning   Certificate
- Developing Data Products   Certificate
- Data Science Capstone   Certificate

Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business

  • Coursera + Duke University    |     2016 - 2016

- Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies   Certificate
- Mastering Data Analysis in Excel   Certificate
- Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau   Certificate
- Managing Big Data with MySQL   Certificate
- Increasing Real Estate Management Profits: Harnessing Data Analytics   Certificate

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) - Business Management

  • Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising    |     2013 - 2014

-Business Information Technology
-Business Law
-Financial Accounting
-Financial Management
-Global Management Strategies
-Global Marketing
-Human Resource Management
-International Finance
-Management Strategy
-Management Theory & Principles
-Marketing Communications
-Marketing Management
-Professional Presentation
-Strategic Management Policies
-Supply Chain Management

Associate of Arts (A.A.) - Apparel Industry Management

  • Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising    |     2007 - 2008

Technical Skills

iOS Development

  • Coredata
  • Realm
  • Firebase
  • RXswift
  • CocoaPod

Data Analysis

  • MySQL
  • Tableau
  • R
  • Python


  • SCRUM   |   Certificate
  • HTML & CSS
  • Javescript
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Muse
  • Adobe Illustrator

My Daily Memo

Realm, RxSwift, TouchID, Notifications, Keyboard Accessory,
Rest API, Auto Layout

A simple calendar app. I created an app that can store daily memos using collection views and Realms. In the calendar, holidays are displayed in red, and holidays can be selected by country. Also if you select the date, you can save the memo. When you save a memo, you can enter bullet points, tabs, and line breaks through the keyboard accessory. You can input the Famous Qoutes by parsing from the web. When you set an alarm, the alarm rings at the specified time of the corresponding date. You can also search for memos using RXSwift. A large topic (memo) of the month is left for each month. In the setup menu, you can assign a password. Touch ID and Face ID are supported.

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My Virtual Your

Core Data, Mapkit, JSON pharsing

Using Mapkit, you can set a pin to a sophisticated region, calculate the latitude and longitude of that location, and see the same latitude and longitude photographs from Flickers.

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Change My Voice

AVAudioRecorder, AVAudioPlayer

Record your own voices and play your voices in six versions

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My Background Memo

UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext, Render view to an image

You can take a picture or load it from an album and save a short note on it. The main purpose is to set it as a wallpaper of the mobile phone and always view it so that you won't forget the note.

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Tableau Project


Data Analysis and Recommendations for Dognition

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